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Welcome to Chemsera Life Science Private Limited

About Chemsera

Chemsera life sciences private limited is a contract research organization to provide services to agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals and speciality chemicals etc.  We are constructing a new state of art laboratory on area of approximately 10,440 sq. feet.
We have strong analytical chemistry capabilities to support analysis of small and large molecules. We help our sponsors for the technical and regulatory requirements in different countries

Our Service

Testing Services

Physio-chemical properties as per CIPAC methods , Certificate of Analysis generation .

Biological Services

 In vitro assays
Solvent extraction , Distillation , Pressing , Sublimation/Lyophilization

Consultancy Services

Regulatory requirements for various countries i.e. Physicochemical parameters requirements for specific formulations .

Custom Synthesis

Small-scale milligram to kilogram level synthesis of small molecules
API synthesis , Impurities synthesis. 

Natural Product Development & Analysis

Extraction of natural products
Solvent extraction , Distillation , Pressing ,Sublimation/Lyophilization .

Five Batch Analysis

2D and 3D analysis: For Europe and Brazil registration

Method development and validation

As per SANCO guidelines, ICH guideline, ISO methods etc

Residue analysis

As per SANCO guidelines, ISO methods: Method validations, Inter laboratory validations and sample analysis

Phys-chem analysis

As per CIPAC methods, ASTM methods, EC guidelines, OCSPP guidelines: For different type of formulations

In Vitro Assays

in vitro genotox batteries: AMES test, In vitro MNT, In vitro CA

Impurities and metabolites synthesis

Milligram to gram level

UVCB analysis

Characterization of complex mixtures of Fatty acids, distillation products, Biodiesel etc. Method development on HPLC for chromophoric molecules.

Peptide and Protein analysis

Analysis and Interpretation of LCMS spectra of peptides, modified peptides and proteins.

Technical Consultancy

Assisting in the method development of small molecules-chiral and achiral separations, peptides, complex molecules with more than one constituents. Structure interpretation based on analytical data.

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